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Quick Decontamination Solution Combo Wipes

Quick Decontamination Solution Combo Wipes

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Quick Decon Solutions


The Quick Decon Solution (QDS) family of products can significantly reduce

time and personal dose associated with ALL decontamination efforts and tasks

The core technology is called the "Mass Effect" influence. When our proprietary solutions are introduced to a contaminated surface, the radioactive material is lifted from the surface and suspended in the solution, where it can be easily wiped up or rinsed away as radioactive waste. Spray on, let solution penetrate for 1-5 mins, and then wipe down or rinse off. Our products are currently in use in commercial waste facilities and in hospitals, with a proven track record of significantly reducing time and dose on critical path applications such as Cavity Decon.

The QDS TM GEL is extremely desirable to use for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)  RX Cavity cleaning and use in general at NPP’s because of its unique ability to remove the radioactive contaminants from solution WITHOUT binding or affecting the resin binding sites.  The Decon GEL has NO Ionics (available free radicals) and contains no detergents and thus is ‘inert’ to the resin materials.   Therefore, the active ‘sites’ for the Rad Waste resins are left uncompromised/unused and available to filter out the targeted contaminants from the RCS, etc.  

For the above reasons, and because the Quick Decon solution is 98% H2O, it passes straight through the resins with no negative effects. 

Each solution is ion-specific and specially prepared to address a specific chemical group.

  • The Transition Metals (TM) solution will pick up Cesium, Cobalt, Strontium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc & Nickel.

  • The Actinide (A) solution will pick up Plutonium, Uranium, Titanium, Technetium, Americium, Radium, etc.

  • The Halogen (H) solution will pick up Iodine, Fluorine, Chlorine, etc

The core technology used in the QDS Combo Wipes is based upon the "Mass Effect" Principle.   When the proprietary wipes, which are saturated with the decontamination solution, come in direct contact with ‘loose’ or ‘removable’ contamination on a surface, the radioactive material is ‘lifted’ from the material surface via the ion-exchange process.  Like-property non-radioactive ions replace the radioactive ones.   The radioactive ions/contamination is collected on the wipe and disposed of as radioactive waste.     

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